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An Afternoon at Tramore Beach

This past weekend was busy for us.

Our very close friend, Aidan, recently moved home to Limerick after five years in South Korea. It was in Korea where we met – me and Aidan, Patrick and Aidan, even me and Patrick. Maybe someday I’ll jot down the hazy memories of the night Pat and I first met, but this post is not the place.

We had the best group of friends in Korea. Every Friday night we would gather at Now Bar in Yeongtong, Suwon and drink, laugh and plan the weekend’s mischief. Whether we’d take the 6 am train to the beach the next day or simply drink in the park (you can do that in Korea!) there would always be something fun planned, and generally Aidan would be at the center of it all. Needless to say we’re delighted to all be in the same country again.

Things have definitely changed since we last saw each other in 2009. I am as big as a house, he’s actually gotten slimmer, Pat is a super-duper professional and none of us can handle the all-night drinking binges that personified our weekend lives in Korea (during the week we were strictly business – teaching kindergarten with a hangover just doesn’t work).

In addition to trying my best to fatten him up, we had a great weekend in Waterford. On Friday evening we dined at Sabai, which specializes in high-end Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Patrick’s coworkers assured us it was the best place in the city for Asian food and, although it can be pricey (entrées alone up to 25 euro, in some cases), they have an excellent early bird special that leaves you full and content.

For 21 euro, you can get an appetizer and entrée with tea or coffee. If you want to splurge, you can get dessert thrown in for 25 euro. In the beginning we thought we could handle three courses, but after our entrée we were so very full. I couldn’t even finish my green curry (the leftovers made a great midnight snack).


On Saturday we packed up some towels and blankets, put on our bathing suits and headed for Tramore Beach. We hadn’t yet been to Tramore, but we knew it was just a few minutes down the road. Sure enough, ten minutes from our house, we found ourselves at the beach.

This beach is huge. The town? Cutesy and quaint. There is a small amusement park next to the beach as well as several surfing schools.


It was a great day to be outdoors – there were dogs and children running all over the place. We found a little spot to spread out our blankets and relaxed in the sun for a few hours. The boys actually jumped in the frigid water. I stuck my feet in and decided not to.



We finished the day with fresh battered cod and chunky chips, followed by a 99 ice cream cone (or a 99 Flake). Don’t know what a 99 is? It’s an ice cream cone (generally soft serve, vanilla) with a stick of wafer-ey chocolate stuck in for good measure. It cost 1 euro, not 99 cent. Must be the inflation.



It’s great to know the beach is so close to my house. Hopefully the wind gets less chilly as the summer goes on and I’ll actually get in the water. A girl can dream.

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  1. ditzydelusions #

    It’s great to see an impartial view to Tramore, thanks for posting!

    June 11, 2013
    • We had a great day! Having a beach ten minutes down the road is so convenient. Thanks for the comment 🙂

      June 11, 2013

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