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Honest2Goodness Market in Dublin


Two Saturdays ago, I boarded a *very early* train to Dublin Heuston and made my way to the big city. The purpose: to check out the Honest2Goodness Farmer’s Market and catch up with my bestie, Monica, who just moved to Tipperary from Cape Breton (she is such a copycat; I couldn’t be happier).

I’ve heard so much about this market since I moved to Ireland in April. So far, in all honesty, I have been slightly underwhelmed by the markets in Tipperary and Waterford (my usual haunts) and have been looking for a farmer’s market to rival the ones I liked to frequent back in Canada.

The Wolfville Farmer’s Market in Nova Scotia is, in my opinion, the best market in the world. I went to university in Wolfville and every Saturday I’d wake up early, go to the market, grab a coffee, buy my week’s cheese, veg, fruit and bread and have a cold samosa with cilantro chutney for breakfast while chatting with my friends. There would always be live music, kids running around, and dogs on leashes everywhere. The smell of grilled Kielbasa sausages would waft over the many kiosks. Such fond memories.

That was years ago and I hear the market has gotten even better. The Evergreen Brickworks is another great farmer’s market in Toronto. My friend Zack and I would frequent the market for fresh produce and the purest of pure maple syrup, and again it has such a great, festive atmosphere with live music and friendly vendors.

Lovely Cake Pops!

Lovely Cake Pops!

I came to Ireland with high expectations for farmer’s markets. The produce, dairy and artisan food here is much better than in Canada. You can’t beat Irish cheese, or butter. The climate is much more conducive to growing vegetables and, as I may have mentioned before, the fruit here is so sweet and juicy compared to the lackluster fare we have in Canada for most of the year.

All that said, aside from St. George’s Market in Belfast I am ashamed to say I hadn’t loved the Irish farmer’s markets I’ve visited thus far. That changed when I visited the Honest2Goodness Market in Dublin.

Monica and I took a cab from Heuston Station to the market, and I’m so glad we did. We would never have found it on our own! It’s tucked away in an old industrial estate, a bit far from the city centre. Luckily, Honest2Goodness maintains an excellent website with detailed instructions on how to get there.

Upon arriving I took a quick look around and saw that all my market needs would be met. Woot! Fresh baked breads, an olive and cheese stand, a large fresh produce section and some yummy looking prepared foods told me I had found a truly great farmer’s market.


I shopped around, sampled, chatted with the vendors (all lovely people) and filled my bag with fresh veggies, berries, a basil plant, some preserves and chutneys – even a bottle of Côtes du Rhône, sold by the lovely Brid Carter who runs the market (along with a few others) and who also sources interesting and sustainable wines from around Europe.

Although I won’t be able to go to Dublin every Saturday, it was so much fun to shop, chat and enjoy the beautiful, sunny weather. I’ll be back for sure, next time with Patrick in tow (he can carry more stuff).

Also, if anyone has suggestions for great farmer’s markets in the Tipperary/Waterford regions I’d love to hear about them!

* For more detailed information on Honest2Goodness Market, Edible Ireland wrote a great post a few weeks ago with vendor information.

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  1. zackosborne #

    Can’t wait to visit you in Ireland. Would love to check out this and other farmers’ markets with you. Great post!

    June 18, 2013
    • I can’t wait either! We can be food tourists together (this includes beer; we can get a babysitter!). xx

      June 19, 2013
  2. Come to Cork and visit the English Market – not a weekly farmers’ market but a year-round, six-day-a-week indoors market with lots of butchers, veggies, spices and a chocolate shop.

    July 3, 2013
    • It’s on the list! It’s funny, we’re fairly close to Cork but haven’t been able to make a trip out yet. Hopefully within the next few weeks 🙂

      July 3, 2013

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