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My Favourite Places #3: Peter’s Fruit & Veg, Templemore, Co. Tipperary


March was such a whirlwind; I barely spent any time at our house in Waterford (where all the high speed internet is). Nearly as soon as we got home from Portugal it was time to pack up our clunker of a car and drive home to Tipperary, where Maeve and I spent nearly two weeks while Patrick was on a business trip in Boston.

In all the March Madness (as it were), I didn’t get a chance to post my monthly favourite place. That said, I visited my favourite place during the month of March (and was kindly allowed to take a few photos) so it isn’t too much of a cheat to be posting this now, in April. I’ll be posting another favourite place at the end of this month. I have no idea where it will be, but that’s part of the fun, too!


When we’re home in North Tipperary, we love to buy our fruit and veggies at Peter’s. He’s run this little shop in Templemore for years and years, changing very little from what I’m told. He sold vegetables to my mother-in-law and always has nice things to say when Patrick or I are in there for our weekly produce.

He travels to Dublin and hand-chooses the sweetest fruit and the freshest veggies. They aren’t all Irish, but as many are as can be possible (he had some gorgeous Spanish strawberries last week, but of course he only sells Irish when they’re in season).



I can always count on Peter to have juicy, sweet oranges (I hate sour fruit!), plump berries, shiny apples and ripe mangoes. His veggies rival any you could find in a farmer’s field. And he’s a really nice guy to boot – so are his daughters, who work there with him.


Another thing I love about Peter’s Fruit & Veg are the flowers! Peter and I are kindred spirits. The first time I visited his shop he had gorgeous ranunculus flowers in little pots for sale. I asked him how much they were and he just gave me this look and said “You’re the first person I’ve met who knows what they are!”. We’ve been cool ever since.


If you’re ever on the main drag in Templemore, Co. Tipperary it is so worth a visit to Peter’s to get your veg for the week. You won’t find him on Facebook or Twitter but that’s kind of nice, too. His shop is old school. He’s been doing the home-grown organic thing since long before it was popular.

Beautiful Templemore

Beautiful Templemore


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