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Modern Skills for Modern Chefs


I’ve been so busy preparing for our latest Modern Skills for Modern Chefs class at the School of Food I haven’t had much time to update the blog! Sorry for the neglect. It’s for a good cause.

In late September, we took on our latest class and, can I say, they are so driven, fun and full of creativity! They’ve started their work placement today, over six-weeks into the course, and so I finally have a minute to let you all know how things are going.

So much is happening right now.


The course is going really well – the students had their third practical assessment yesterday and we explored the idea of ethnic-inspired cold plates with a large mezze platter. There were a lot of components to the completed platter and I couldn’t be prouder of how well the students pulled it off.

We are incorporating a lot of new ideas and lessons into the course this time around and I’m excited to talk a little bit about this tomorrow at Savour Kilkenny! You’ll find me at the KBC tent at 3:30pm discussing mindfulness, chef burnout, kitchen culture and the chef shortage with a panel of local food professionals. I’m really looking forward to it.


We’re in the process of getting our Pieta House Amber Flag at the school, which I’m also really excited about. I feel that the necessary change to chef culture needs to start with food education. The chef shortage is caused by many things, but mostly I really think burnout, substance abuse and the general culture surrounding professional kitchens is the main cause. I hope that, by educating our students, they’ll go off into the industry and create change. That’s the hope.

At the farm, things are as crazy as ever. I recently welcomed chef Joshna Maharaj to our home – she’s writing a book on institutionalized food (the stuff we eat in hospitals, universities, etc.) – so I was really happy to show her around Tipperary and my own farm while she was here for Food on the Edge.

That’s all I have time for now! I’ll write a better post later. #



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